Joy Steiner Farewell Party!

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Music and Movement

Music and Movement with Joy

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Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons Wednesdays @ 4pm 

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Preschool Storytime

Preschool Storytime Fridays @ 10am


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Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness Wednesdays @ 10am

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Aventuras en Español

Aventuras en Español Thursdays at 4pm. 

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Fizz Boom Read! Summer Reading 2014

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Early Childhood Parenting

Early Childhood Parenting.

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PARENTS! We can help you help your child be successful in school

The Garden City Library is dedicated to helping you be your child's first and most important teacher.

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Watch a New Storytime EVERY DAY! and so much more

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Thank You Friends of the Garden City Library

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What a Deal! Donate to the Library TODAY!

Did you know your donation to the Garden City Library is Tax Deductable?  Checkout the attached file for details.

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Mobile App available for the Library's Catalog

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Find Great Reads for Kids with Novelist K-8!

Search Novelist K-8 Plus to find great reads for kids! Find books based on themes, reading levels, read-alikes, award winning books and in-depth summaries and reviews of books.

Novelist K-8 is just one of the wonderful databases available to our patrons.
See our Databases page for a complete listing of databases.

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